Virus Including Malware Prevention & Removal

A robust Antivirus and Malware solution for your businesses core servers, desktops and laptops is essential to keep your infrastructure operational – ensuring the protection of valuable company data.


DSIT provides a Centrally Managed Antivirus & Malware layered approach to your security solution ensuring excellent visibility and oversight of all client machines and servers your business relies on.

Features such as centralized policies ensure company deployed Antivirus & Malware policies are adhered to and cannot be overridden by end user changes. Threat & Outbreak Alerts notify Support Personnel and can be configured to re-act in order to protect system integrity.

Already Infected?

Call DSIT and our Tech’s will determine if the threat is able to be removed through a remote session or if your computer will require a hands on manual approach to quarantine and remove the threat on your computer or network.

Once the threat is removed, your computer will be  100% reliable to continue its daily routine for you, DSIT will advise on the best approach to proactively eliminate any possibility of an infection in the future.


As a private user and not very technical, I realiy appreciate Data Spark IT. Joe is very knowledgeable, and when I call for a problem he always has the right answer.

Charles Juravinski

Why Choose Data Spark IT?


Increased productivity and efficiencies


Your Tech will be secured from cyber threats


Great business decisions based on IT advice


First-class service, support and turn-around times

You need protection & security

We proactively manage our clients’ technology to ensure they have maximum up-time and functionality, enabling them to aggressively manage and grow their businesses.