Hourly IT

Don’t have time or want to deal with all the different options available for your home network? Can’t figure out why your house has wireless dead spots in it? DSIT will give you a custom solution and work within your budget to make your wired and wireless home network run efficiently.


Let the kids do their homework, or use their tablets without worrying that the wireless with cut out in the middle of their online game or YouTube video and allow you to relax, and sit back with the family and watch Netflix or online content and spend your valuable time with the ones you love.

Constant computer problems and configurations are a thing of the past with DSIT Hourly IT. We can quickly diagnose and fix problems with your Operating System and programs like Microsoft Office to make them run smooth and trouble free.

You can count on us for:

  • No charge for travel time
  • Rapid response
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Elimination of wireless dead spots
  • A lighting fast home network for the Best online gaming experience
  • Worry free configuration problems

As a private user and not very technical, I realiy appreciate Data Spark IT. Joe is very knowledgeable, and when I call for a problem he always has the right answer.

Charles Juravinski

Why Choose Data Spark IT?


Increased productivity and efficiencies


Tech will be secured from cyber threats


Great business decisions based on IT advice


First-class service, support and turn-around times

You need protection & security

We proactively manage our clients’ technology to ensure they have maximum up-time and functionality, enabling them to aggressively manage and grow their businesses.