Hourly IT

Your IT staff is AWOL on vacation, or a big project just walked in the door and you know you’re going to wish you were more tech savvy. Take away the bother of hunting up the right candidates and then getting them up to speed.


Small Business or Residential IT Support – Hourly IT Services It doesn’t make sense to hire your own techs if your needs aren’t full-time, but you still want someone you can call on when IT issues crop up. Our hourly IT services bring your technology up to snuff at times when you can’t afford to have your system on the fritz.

That’s not my job… Don’t confuse your office manager or sales rep (no matter how enthusiastic) with IT pros. Everybody has their strengths and that’s what you hired them for. If they’re navigating a technology learning curve instead of buckling down to the real work, you’ve got less forward momentum. With our hourly IT services, you can get everybody back to the task at hand.

You can count on us for:

  • No charge for travel time
  • Rapid response
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.

Our hourly IT services can fill in the gaps with:

  • Support specialists
  • Systems engineers
  • Solution architects
  • Network engineers



Why Choose Data Spark IT?


Increased productivity and efficiencies


Tech will be secured from cyber threats


Great business decisions based on IT advice


First-class service, support and turn-around times

You need protection & security

We proactively manage our clients’ technology to ensure they have maximum up-time and functionality, enabling them to aggressively manage and grow their businesses.